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Moments of Happiness

March 6, 2015

Happiness from travel comes in many shapes and forms. Happiness can arise from any one of the following or a combination of: acts of kindness, meeting new people, sharing stories, accomplishments trip planning, experiencing nature or other kind of adventures!

How, when and where do you find moments of travel happiness?  If you want to increase your happiness during travel, take a step toward re-inventing your solo travel approach. 


March 22, 2015

A trend I’ve recently noticed is free concerts in Libraries. Uncertain whether I had the time or whether yesterday’s Saturday matinee concert was for me, I just headed to the Library with an open mind.

Seeing the poster and flurry of activity setting up, I decided to attend even though it was “outside my usual”. It was intimate, it was easy to network with attendees, the talent was unique and it was an immersion into the stories and sounds of Ireland. But most importantly it was only an...

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Arena Events as a Solo Traveler

March 29, 2015

I was one of 6,000 fans attending the concert of music legend Neil Diamond.

I thought to myself - how can I engage in conversation with others seated near me instead of sitting in silence before the show begins?  I decided to try to use photography to break the ice.

“Would you mind taking a photo of me so that the stage is in the background?”, I asked the couple seated behind me. It was so much better than the selfie I attempted to take.

I noticed another solo traveler and asked, “Would...

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